Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Preface Pomsky

From Consuelo Abel (UK Pomskys)

I saw a husky cross Pomeranian just over 4 years ago , I stopped my car got out and asked the lady what type of dog is it , it looks like a husky x spitze , she had at the side of her a large Pomeranian (10" tall ) and this beautiful dog .

Picture from Natalie AwardWinning Cadman (UK Pomskys) 

The lady said her pom got to her friends husky , they didn't tie so they thought nothing about it until the husky gave birth to pups . She called this dog a Pomsky and it was black and white with a plush coat and slightly smaller than my husky bitches (16-18") , he was stunning and he looked like a fluffier small eared baby faced husky , that's why I have been looking for one and been unable to get one unless I get one from America and pay 2-3 thousand dollars ! .

 As I have both I thought I will do it myself . I have used a beautiful larger pom (10" tall) on my bitch and we r keeping the bw bitch to see how they turn out . The first litter was done by a friend of mine first , we will see how big they will get and the traits , size differences between the sexes and colours


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